I am surrounded by the coolest people ever. At least the past few days I have been. Just to mention a few, I have been surrounded by….

-choreographers that are pure genius when it comes to the art of dance

-dance teachers that have done nothing but teach me dance and life in general

-family that drive hours just to hang out and go to my graduation party

-dancers who are dedicated and strive for the best they can do

-rising rapper, who i am proud to say is a friend

-a mother who spends countless weekends carting me to dance rehearsals, grad party shopping, school events, etc

-neighbors who are so supportive

-friends that I share so many inside jokes with it takes up countless pages in a yearbook to write them all

-guys who honestly just want to be friends

I am lucky and sometimes it is hard to actually see that when surrounded by chaos and stress. I will admit that I am so happy to be surrounded by such fabulous/inspiring/terrific/nice people.

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